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Please read through your VNATech freelancer contracts, sign, & submit!

We TRULY look forward to working with you!

1. VNATECH INSTAGRAM MANAGEMENT CONTRACT -I will not use VNATech’s customer’s social media accounts for personal gain or interest. -I will only operate within the guidelines laid out in this contract & by what VNATech’s managers have instructed of me. -I will not share any of the trade secrets, company, or customer information that I learn with any outside party / parties. -I will always manage the company’s / customer’s social media accounts with their best interest in mind. -I am fully responsible for any negative actions that I may take & any legal repercussions that may follow as a result of my negligence. -Before responding to any accounts, I will contact VNATech’s managers OR the customer for approval unless given typed or written approval to respond to messages on behalf of VNATech OR their customers.

2. VNATECH OFFICE & BUILDING CONTRACT The reference “building” refers to 103 Third Street. -I will only use the office space as specified in this contract. -I will NEVER use the office space for my own personal gain or interest, other than the gym facility. -I acknowledge that I must have approval from the VNATech manager(s) to gain access to the building. -I will NOT bring third parties into the building, unless previously approved by VNATech management. -I am completely responsible for any and all legal issues or consequences that may arise due to my negligence. -I acknowledge that my use for the building is only permitted when approved previously by VNATech management. -I will act with utmost discipline and respect and follow these protocols when inside the building. -I will not create excessive noise or disturbances when on the premises or inside the building. -If any damage or loss occurs with the key fob, I am responsible for the cost of replacement. -I acknowledge that I am financially responsible for any damage or loss that occurs to the building due to my actions or negligence. -I acknowledge that I am financially and legally responsible for any damage or loss that occurs to VNA Tech LLC’s assets, property, or reputation when using the private office space (Office #2).

Thanks for submitting!

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